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Health and safety statistics

Key facts and statistics from HSE for 2017.

HSE stats 2017

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Changing the face of health and safety
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Small and medium business support

The law says that companies with five employees or more must have formal health and safety policies. But even if you don’t employ five people, you still need to make sure that your workplace is safe.

Our support packages are designed to offer the widest level of flexibility in terms of content, cost and payment plans, allowing you to get on with developing your business while 4see looks after your health, safety and environmental management.

As well as reducing your risks and controlling your costs, you’ll be enhancing your reputation with customers. When you’re bidding for new work, you’ll be able to say that your health, safety and environmental practices are supported by the industry experts at 4see.

With the ability to choose the support package or packages that suit your requirements, a payment plan to suit your current situation and the option to enhance the package as your business grows, our service offers a highly tailored solution around fixed requirements that you need as a business.

Our health, safety and environmental services take the worry away, as we work with you to provide practical ways to ensure legal compliance and best practice.

Our advisors are ready to offer insight and experience when you need it. If an accident happens we can help with reporting or investigation.

Some of our packages also give you access to our online system – 4track. Rather than burden you with more paperwork, 4track presents all of your policies and guidance online plus much more.

4track4track will provide:

  • Report and record all incident and near misses – the simple report will act as your accident book, allow you to notify 4see of a need to report the incident or undertake an investigation if required
  • Access your documentation including policies; templates; certificates; guidance
  • Access technical guidance and information
  • Record all training against employees creating your own training matrix
  • Capture all inspection reports and certificates for your offices


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