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Health and safety statistics

Key facts and statistics from HSE for 2017.

HSE stats 2017

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At 4see we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for you. Although often tendering against a detailed scope we will always look at ways of providing the service in a slightly different way.
When developing solutions for our retail customers, we spend a lot of time thinking about them. We make sure that we only plan activities when the client wants them to be undertaken, we understand that some periods are simply a no-go when you are in retail. Our services need to reflect the specific needs of not only retail generally, but the actual company we are working with. This way it means more to their staff.

So what have we done?

A leading high street retailer in food and clothes had a specific need to train both its key staff and a large proportion of its supply chain. Our brief was to ensure we got the message across and for that we needed to think outside the box - Powerpoint really wouldn’t have cut it! What we developed wasn’t a course, it was a high impact innovative training boot camp! Whatever your training requirement, we can develop something bespoke for you.

TK MaxxManaging work on roofs is difficult for all businesses and is one of the highest risk areas property manager face but when you are one of the biggest DIY retailers in the UK, there are a lot of roofs to manage. We have developed a roof management safety system that is not only world leading in its approach and application but also takes the problem away from our client. Our innovative and complete management system takes control and liability for roof access and safety from the building owner meaning their problem becomes ours.

We are also aware of the importance of reducing costs in the competitive retail industry. While our clients don’t want us to take inappropriate risks, they do want to ensure they get best value. At 4see we were one of the first consultancies to offer combined compliance services, which lower costs and crucially reduce the amount of time store staff are spending on non-core activities. By working with our clients we develop a combined inspection approach and then train our staff to meet your exact needs and requirements.

It’s not all about the detail though. You have to ensure you have your strategy right, or improvements and savings will be hard to maintain. We helped one of the world’s largest online retailers to develop their support structure across multiple UK and European sites.

A leading high street fashion retailer approached 4see when they had reached the end of the line with their current training provider. They were tired of “boiler plate” courses that didn’t engage their staff. Working closely with their management team, we successfully re-developed their entire training programme into a unique suite of courses specifically designed for them.


A selection of our clients who have taken advantage of our retail solutions

MandS TK Maxx


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