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Health and safety statistics

Key facts and statistics from HSE for 2017.

HSE stats 2017

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No matter where you sit on the construction ladder 4see can help. We work with everyone from sole traders to multi-million pound contractors. Our approach remains the same no matter the size or complexity of the organisation, we tailor our solution to fit the requirement.

Over the years 4see has worked with hundreds of small to medium sized businesses, we still do. The reason we keep our clients and continue to welcome new small and medium sized companies to 4see, is that we provide the right solution for you. We understand the requirements for a private school are very different to a cladding restoration company; that a two man electrical company has different needs to a bakery; and that a logistics firm needs different support than a plumber. We cater for these needs through easy to understand and simple packages that are tailored to meet your needs and help you exceed legislative requirements, meet pre-qualification expectations and allow you to concentrate on growing your business.

4see Construction Solutions4see work on some of the largest construction projects in the UK, Europe and Middle East. We provide solutions that fit the requirements of our clients, bringing a level of expertise that enhances the project and delivers added value to the main contractors brief.

Recently a leading multinational construction company approached us to discuss how they go about delivering training on one of their major construction sites during the lifecycle of the project. They were trying to provide something beyond the normal construction courses delivered on every site. By providing a tailored approach we were able to offer a huge range of courses run at the site with contractors able to book spaces on the courses directly with 4see. These courses included ones that contractors had to attend in order to work on the project meaning this could be done easily and conveniently but also included courses that would increase the overall safety, health and environmental culture and behaviour on site. Delivery was through a number of mediums and ensuring all operatives, regardless of language barriers or literacy, could attend and understand.

A leading petroleum company challenged us to find an innovative way of delivery CDM services on the forecourts during their rolling refurbishment programme. They wanted us to “challenge the normal way of delivery this service and come up with something new.” What we delivered ticked all the boxes and ensured that the client assurance role was conducted with value added services. Furthermore we combined our approach with other services to ensure each aspect of the project delivery, from conception to operation, was coordinated and the same high standards applied throughout.


A selection of our clients who have taken advantage of our construction solutions

Shell MandS


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