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Emergency First Aid at Work (Milton Keynes)
Wed,29 March 2017
9am - 5pm


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January’s Lucy Goosey Calendar Entry Winner

The winner of January's Lucy Goosey Calendar entry is Mark Pollard from Ian Williams. £50 will be donated to Mark's chosen charity - The Ian Williams Charitable Foundation

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CDM Regulations 2015, How Has This Affected The Industry?

Tim Knowles, Account Director at 4see, looks at how the CDM Regulations have affected the industry 14 months after them came into force on 6th April 2015. CDM 2015 in practice has been a challenging experience for most.  The changes seem to be grasped relatively well by most larger organisations....Please click here to read more

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Health and Safety Statistics

Infographic and video from EssentialSkillz, providing a visual guide
to HSE statistics for 2013/14.

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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Update

The information provided below is from the Non-Domestic Private Rented Property Minimum Standard Lan...

Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace

In February 2017, a new rule was introduced at Lloyd’s of London that forbids employees drinking a...

Permits to Drive

Employers need to maintain control over their vehicles and ensure that driving on company business i...


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